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Cranial Massage Therapy

I want to share some excellent news with you. I've been receiving cranial massage therapy for a month now. It is the only thing that has ever really, really helped ease my nerve pain, muscle pain, and mental anguish. Because of this fantastic therapy, I've been able to find a good night of sleep here and there, and I've been able to have a precious few better days. I'm delighted that finally, something is working to ease my suffering. I come to you with this news overjoyed. I also ask for your help in keeping these massages possible for me. My insurance does not cover them. If anyone can help in any way, I would genuinely appreciate it. Also, if you would like to contact me directly and send a gift card to my massage therapist - that would be a massive help for me. I love and appreciate all of you, and I'm so excited to share this news. Please help me find more relief. I've linked my Go Fund Me medical campaign below:

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