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As evening arrived, gentle snow began to fall on the treetops. The dark soon followed but with a blanket of silent snowfall. You've just found your cozy, velvet hot water bottle. Its warmth stills the pain in the bones of your feet as you slip into bed wearing nothing but the scent of lavender. You've fought a hard battle today and have done all you can to prepare for the storm ahead. 

Today you received a rushed box you could barely lift to the countertops. With dread, you unpacked endless piles of chemotherapy infusion supplies and shoved the cargo into the fridge. Your home nurse comes to keep watch over you tomorrow as poison courses through your veins hour after endless hour. Would it happen again this time? The ambulance ride to the hospital, sirens screaming in your ear as you fade in and out of consciousness…the life-threatening complications these cruel diseases force you to endure? 

Tonight you keep calm and wage war. You’re thankful for these last moments of winter’s embrace as you hold on for whatever may come. 

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