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I have great news. I'm moving to Portland next week for my health and safety. I wish I could have made this update sooner, but I've been inundated with stress, pain, and coordinating my move.

I'm in tears - of joy. I have an appointment with a renowned dermatologist at The Oregon Medical Research Center for a consult for a hidradenitis suppurativa drug study. I hope I qualify. This drug could change so much for SO many!! I'm stage three, I've had complete reconstruction of my groin and am at the end of the line with antibiotic resistance. I'm septic so much and have many comorbidities that are only exacerbated by this horrendous disease.

Moving closer to my surgeons and medical research clinics will improve my quality of life. I’m currently living in a home with lead paint, lead pipes, and asbestos in the walls. Eugene is notorious for worsening asthma and allergies. I can’t breathe here. This move will allow me access to a clean home where I can breathe clean air and have the quality medical care that I desperately need. I want to breathe clean air. I deserve this basic need. Having been deprived of this most basic need, with lungs hurting every breath I take in Eugene, makes me angry, sad, and determined to find a healthier place to save my life! Moving is expensive. I need help with many aspects. If there are any specific things you would like to help me directly with (wishlist for new home needs, move-in costs, rent, utilities, etc) please let me know.

I deserve a home where I can breathe. I deserve hope for my future. This new apartment is expensive and my bills are all increasing. I need help being able to stay in a safe and healthy home. Please help me breathe, help me have a chance for a better future with advanced medical care. I need your help. I'm scared. But I'm determined to keep going. Help me do that. I can't wait to keep everyone updated on what comes next in my journey. ❤️

Please share the word about my Go Fund Me, or donate if you're able:

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