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The air quality is still hazardous here. Yesterday I had an asthma attack. It hurt so much to breathe. My heart beat was erratic and painful. My left shoulder and side felt like they were ripping open. I started vomiting. My muscles tensed and seized. I became so dizzy that I almost lost consciousness as I dialed 911.

The ambulance arrived in moments. They rushed me to the emergency room. I had a seizure while the nurses tried to get an IV into my tiny, sunken veins. It took them eight times. It was excruciating. I received treatments for my breathing and seizure. And lots of fluids. My blood lactate levels were very high and my sodium was dangerously low.

It was not a good night. I am not okay. I am angry, sad, and frustrated. And so, so tired. I've honestly lost count of how many ambulance rides I've had this year. The firemen know me by name now.

Today the cavalry came to help me. My wonderful friends, Kyla and Caitlin sealed up my windows and doors with painter's tape and wet towels. They also made me a DIY box fan filter. The air here in my place is much better now and it no longer hurts to breathe. I am very thankful for such amazing friends. I am on strict orders from my doctor to eat more salt and Mexican food. And also stay inside until this smoke clears. It isn't expected to start to clear until Monday.

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light..."

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