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Door Knob Bears

On tonight’s episode of “That’s NOT Gravity!”

CW: Law Enforcement, Stalking, Domestic Violence 

Tonight at about 8:45 pm, I watched my front door handle turn on its own. I went to the door to see if someone had “accidentally” mistaken my apartment for their own, and no one was there. I called my apartment and the police to notify them of a possible security issue. Culprits from most to least likely: shady people checking doors to see if they could get in easily, a drunk tenant on their way home, or I have a stalker. I suppose I’ll know more once the video footage is accessed. A week ago, my caregiver and I heard my door handle trying to open, just like what I saw and heard tonight. We were both disturbed and confused, and now that it’s happened again, it will be hard to sleep tonight. 

What don’t you enjoy, Hannah? Oh, I really hate stepping in water with socks on, broccoli, and when my doorknob turns ON ITS OWN! Yep, you guessed it, that wasn’t gravity, despite how hard I tried to find a logical explanation! Surviving attempted murder changes the way you exist in the world. Suddenly, everything is a possible threat that you're both ready and willing to fight. And, when something happens, you’re rarely surprised. Growing up in Alaska made many parts of me loaded for bear. But bear tales are another story. 

Sweet dreams! 

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Karl Vick
Karl Vick
May 16

Big shoutout to Residential Locksmith company for their excellent work on our door knob installation. The locksmiths were courteous and skilled, and the final result exceeded our expectations.

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