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While I was growing up, I had no idea I was autistic. All I knew was that music brought me peace when nothing else could, even through the darkest hours of my traumatic childhood. When the first Bose Wave Radio came on the market, I looked at my Sony CD player and said, “it’s time for an upgrade.” I was in high school and knew it would take me time to save. I worked extra shifts at the art gallery. After a year, I was able to purchase my Bose Wave Radio.

That radio accompanied me through my twenties through every move from one Air Force base to another. I remember the day I lost my radio to the vengeful rage of my ex. He stood on the balcony and hurled it across the parking lot. I watched with devastation as my radio skidded across the pavement and smashed into bits. I couldn’t afford to replace it. I cried for days.

My next Bose product was years away. I was recently diagnosed with autism - finally! A friend gave me a pair of Bose QC35 Headphones. They changed my life. Because of my autism, I’m hyper-sensitive to sound.

I also battle numerous debilitating chronic illnesses. I spend endless hours in noisy hospital emergency rooms and infusion centers. I recently started chemotherapy and my Bose headphones equipped with Spotify and Audible have kept my mind from the precipice of insanity. I recently posted a selfie on Twitter of me wearing my headphones during my last infusion.

As an influencer, I tag companies when their products are in my photos, but I rarely hear from the larger companies. I was stunned when Bose tweeted me back saying they, “admired my strength and courage” and they would, “love the opportunity to upgrade my headphones.”

I received my new Bose 700 Headphones today. I am still crying with joy. They are a tremendous upgrade from their previous model. The sound quality is unreal. And the best part - their genius noise cancelling technology. Thank you Bose for being a brilliant and generous company! You bring me peace. 🎶🎧🎶

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