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Stephen Hawking

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A LinkedIn editor contacted me yesterday and asked me to contribute my thoughts on a wonderful article by theoretical physicist, Leonard Mlodinow. It was about Stephen Hawking's views on leadership. It's still sinking in that someone asked ME to join in a conversation about Stephen Hawking, written by his long time friend. 😳😄😳 Here's my reply:

I suffer from numerous debilitating chronic illnesses. My disabilities continue to challenge me in every way. I am forced to constantly change my approach and transmute my suffering into something useful, meaningful, and beautiful. I agree with Professor Hawking’s approach. We must first recognize when our ideas are not working. Just as Richard Feynman said, “…you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” Once you have a new course heading, accept it, and move forward and as Hawking states, “assess the effectiveness of the new approach.” These strategies must continually evolve and adapt with each situation. I also believe that leadership is not just the ability to delegate, it is also the ability to inspire and connect people in a creative and thoughtful way. And Professor Hawking did just that, in so many ways. Professor Hawking died on the same day I had brain surgery. He will always be my greatest hero. His legacy continues to keep me looking up at the stars, even when it hurts the most. 🌟

Also, please check out Leonard Mlodinow's beautiful new book, "Stephen Hawking."

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