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Burning Alive

My most recent Go Fund Me updates about my erythromelalgia. 🥵

🔥This is my face and ear. The burning erythromelalgia that itches with neuropathic pain nothing can scratch. It feels like being burned in acid. My skin is hot to the touch.

Touch of any kind is painful. Attacks last for

5-48 hours.

☀️Hot weather severely exasperates the attacks. My face and ears are the most affected, and I also have symptoms in my hands and feet and, at times of severe stress, over my entire torso.

🧊Nothing helps it subside. The only thing that keeps me sane during flares are flannel @releafpack ice packs. My erythromelalgia is unpredictable and relentless. There is no cure in sight for this vicious, rare disease.

💸 If you can help me manage this condition's costs, that would help tremendously. I need help with copays, ice packs, and skincare.

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