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Hi, world,

My birthday is April 23rd. It's been a hell year for me. I'm posting this to ask you my friends for any kindness and or support you're able to send my way. I've made wishlists for both my birthday and my surgery/chronic illness care needs.

There are many things I want this year. But, my needs are a heavy weight and I'm wishing for the gift of relief from the stress they hold over me - causing more pain that I don't need.

I use many services that help me medically or with my mental health. One of my biggest needs is Lyft fair. I have many cab rides a month because of hospital stays and appointments.

I use apps for learning to help keep me sane. One is Audible, I would love help via a subscription or the gift of a book from my wishlist. The other is Duolingo, my language learning app. Learning Mandarin Chinese and many other languages each day has kept my mind from madness. I've not missed a single day of practice in over 300 days.

I'm impressed I've fought this hard and lived to my 37th birthday. I hope I will make it to my next as well. My path is not easy, my burdens are many, and my pain is great, but if I can have a bit of joy on this day of celebration, that would be wonderful. Thank you all for your kindness and support. I couldn't do this without you! 💙


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