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Dear Spoonie

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Dear Spoonie (dear self in today's case), It's okay to be sick. It's okay to hurt and be angry and sad. It's okay to cancel plans, to miss events you really wanted/needed to attend, and it's okay to care for yourself at the most basic levels. If all you do today is plug in your electric blanket and cozy up with a nice podcast about black hole physics, then I'm proud of you. I know you're pissed beyond belief. You feel lesser, you wish more than anything you could just experience and DO life like healthy people. You hate yourself for existing, you miss your younger (skinnier) body, and you wish you could just have one single dammed day of pain relief. You miss your Falconry and wonder if you'll ever fly another bird again. Your heart shatters each second for so much loss, so much agony. But this is how it is. And today sucks. Fuck today. Keep going, your life is hell but your life is precious. Best, Yourself 

#Spoonie #blackholes #chronicillness #TrigeminalNeuralgia #Fibromyalgia #Rheumatoidarthritis #Crohns

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