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A New Course Heading

When I was in high school, I planned on studying fine art in college. Unfortunately, I had a plethora of negativity spewed at me from other humans about the “economic restraints” of being in the arts. I received comments like, “that’s a worthless degree, you may as well be throwing your money away.” Or, “you’ll never get a job!”

I listened to those people. I must say, it is exhausting living life by other people’s standards. And I am done with it. I want to be content, I want to help others, and I want to fall even more in love with humanities. I do not regret my Associate’s in Psych/Bio. I love science. But after starting down the path it would have taken to do what I wanted to do in Psychology, I realized the devastating effects of my disabilities would continue to harm my health. And I found myself sinking deeper into depression and pain. I had to change something, and I had to do it as soon as possible.

So today I changed my major. I am now pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography. And then, graduate school for a Master of Fine Arts. I have a passion that runs deep in my veins for the arts, for writing, and for helping others better their lives. And I also happen to have a wealth of experience within the field; including numerous book and magazine publications, my own art shows, and a personal website featuring my photography. I’m excited, relieved, and inspired to continue moving forward towards my dreams.

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